Who are we?

Are Friends Electronic (AFE) is an organization that promotes DJ’s and live acts in the electronic music. We will connect less famous, with well-known artists and this in a form of a concert with support act and headliner, and in addition a warm-up and closing act if needed. Normally, on a concert, the headliner chooses the support act. But we will do it the other way around and choose the headliner with the support act in mind.


Which genres? 

Electronic music has many forms. We will mainly focus on Techno, EBM, Electro, Industrial and electronica. Also Retro House and New Beat are possible. We will not focus on Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trance and Electro House.



Although we are an organization from Ghent in Belgium, we are not bound to Ghent. Our events can be organized everywhere in Belgium or even abroad. Of course we will search for the best locations to fit the atmosphere of the events.



Big organizations and festivals need to have a line-up with big names and there is no place for a less famous artist. They are struggling to show themselves to the bigger audience and need to promote themselves on the Internet or on smaller local events. They remain one of a kind or must rely on a bit of luck. We want to be the stepping-stone to bigger events for less famous artists.

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